Captain Horatio Kuppa T

Captain Horatio Kuppa T (with his Zepellin Crew) are an Oxford based Steampunk Acapellasss group. Promotional shoot for Horatio at Spitfire Studio by Henry Wills.

OK, so we are into Steampunk around here! There, no harm in that eh? Horatio is known to us through that interest. Usually found at his pub (The Gardener's Arms) in Oxford, Kuppa T also hosts and write/sings for his Acapella group - Kuppa T & The Zepellin Crew.

Seen here without the Zepellin Crew for a promo shoot at the studio, the Captain is his usual slightly crazy, tea-obsesssed self! We are looking forward to welcoming Horatio back complete with his Crew in the near future

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Aerlise (The Duellist)

There is historical evidence indicating that in Victorian times women duelled topless.

A duel between two women, the first-ever “emancipated duel” that involved not only all female principals, but all female seconds.

An emancipated duel being fought by topless women who were topless at the urging of a woman with formal medical training and a degree who was also presiding over the duel.

This was pretty crazy for the time. If you wondering how this all went down? Read more!

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Laura Loveless

Model Portfolio Builder shoot for Laura at Spitfire Studio by Henry Wills.

Portfolio Shoots are designed to give a range of looks to help boost a model's portfolio content. This was a 2 hour shoot - Laura was already well known to us as she comes to the monthly open evenings and has done some shoots with other local photographers.

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Test shoot for Tia at Spitfire Studio by Henry Wills.

A Test Shoot is an opportunity for model and photographer to explore possibilities for style and aptitude. Hopefully both will want to work on more follow on shoots, or it may just be for the model to have a go and gain some studio experience.

This was Tia's second shoot at Spitfire, the first being with her sister a month before. She showed a lot of promise and went on to work with other local photographers and has been a frequent visitor to our open evenings.

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Alias Cosplay (Anck-su-namun)

Alias has been to Spitfire on a few occasions and we always have an interesting shoot.

On this occasion, we had a bodypaint artist from Bristol

Alias is a serious cosplayer who creates her costumes and styling as accurately as possible

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Kevlar & Clank

Matt was introduced to us through AliasCosplay. As a serious cosplayer, Matt develops many characters. On this shoot he was doing Corvo Attano (Dishonored) and Sherif Grimes (Walking Dead).

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